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I am a freelance independent web designer. If you are looking for a website design that is unique among many, with quick easy navigation for your visitors... Welcome!
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Bonnie Redmond

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Olympic Homes, Inc.

DC Unlimited Landscape and More

Tangie Belmore Art

Spracklen Painting

Keisha Audrey Designs

Shriners Oriental Bands of North America

Neodent & Ceramic Lab

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social media Social media is available as a service to incorporate into your site. Training on each will be provided as requested.
Wordpress blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Weebly, and much more.
design Includes photography, print, video, and photo restorement/enhancement.
calendar adventure

I began designing calendars in 2014 using unusual photos I've taken of Mt Hood and the moon all from the same location. This provides an interesting perspective of "A Living Record" of photos captured on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Below is #1- 4 in a series.

The 2018 calendar, series #5, will be available for purchase in December 2017.

2017 Calendar - 4th in a series
Mt Hood Historical Drama
Compares 2013 & 2016 by month photographed

2016 Calendar - 3rd in a series
Mt. Hood and Lunar Madness
* Bonus material was included. Click here.

2015 Calendar - 2nd in a series
Carver, Oregon :: Lunar Madness

2014 Calendar - 1st in a series
Mt. Hood, Oregon - A living record of 2013 photos captured monthly
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